So I started a blog and then was hit with health issues.  The very evening I went to do a photography job for a wedding and rushed to the ER by the end of the night.  This goes to show, we should not take anything for granted.  We know this already.  Tomorrow is not promised.  So live today. 

Some live in the past, worried about the things they cannot change and others may analyze and overthink the future to find the best escape route from mistakes.  Unfortunately with either you never make any real changes.  I think for me, I made the mistake of thinking ahead way too much.  Through life, experience and guidance I had to learn to think about the Now. 

Embrace NOW.  Learning to hear the birds and the silent things around you may sound small.  But they are exercises that gets you to reprogram your brain .  Re-program to find the peace of mind you deserve.  The one that we were designed with to best perform for your health, spiritually, relationships, work.

So take a breath out today as you go through your hustle and bustle.  Close your eyes and feel the energy around you.  Identify with it.  Understand it.  Is it positive?  Negative?  For the negative ones, as your eyes are closed envision you pushing them away as you re-energize yourself for just that moment. 

Take a WhooSah through your day!  (haha)

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