Looking In

The way to find Deepest level of self, is through inner knowing and guided intuition.  In life we must seek for teachers and pathfinders to lead us along the way in our path to enlightenment.

Many spend time reflecting in muddled feelings about ourselves.  But through our dreams, we learn to discover things about ourselves, our experiences, people in our lives and how to make way through.  This in itself is a teacher, a discovery zone for within oneself.    It is here you find your inner power and strength.  It is here you find your true guide to your inner spirit.

This guide has a birds eye view of your life and has a way of looking and gently guiding you into the right direction.  It is up to you to exercise discernment with your practices and decisions.  It is up to you, for you have the true freedom and choice as God has given.  They can never tell you, but guide you along the way on what to do.

As you learn to hear the voice from within, you will enter realms of creativity, learn and grasp new ideas and hence forth teach them to others.   Faithfulness with building your inner strength and your intuition, will not only teach you how to live with our yourself, but with others.

Here is a great way system that offers meditation techniques and methods to help you get started:

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