Love the Life You Live

You have to love the life you live.  Having a conversation earlier and speaking on how discontent folks are with what they don’t have seems to be a majority at this time.   Unfortunately, what happens is that people ultimately focus on what is negative or what is lacking in their life, not realizing this is exactly what you do not want to do.  You gotta focus on something else, for what you focus on, is what grows.

The more you think on it, speak on it and write on it is the more it manifests itself into reality.   The answer is to change gears from your norm and gain sight on what is good and positive IN your life.   Learn yourself more and be disciplined in your actions and thought process to make changes in your life experience.

Its easy to say you can’t, this is how life is.  Its also easy to eat an apple a day, as well as it is easy not to (as Jim Rohn would say).   So my friend it is easy to make the change too, if you believe it.   Does it mean that you will have not no obstacles or challenges?   Absolutely not, you definitely will.  As long as you are trying, you will always have something to overcome.  The difference is your attitude towards that block presenting itself in your life.  Even if it is yourself.

It may not feel easy and the challenges may make you feel uncomfortable, but the decision to change your mindset is an easy one.  You just have to apply consistent effort with managing your thoughts and into the words that you speak.  This is the only way to truly, Act, Walk,Talk like the person you wish to become.

Many times people confuse this as trying to be “Perfect”.  But I can say its not.  Whatever you desire for your life as acceptable, is what is.  We are just speaking of alignment within yourself and finding ways to create a happiness from within.

Cliche’s are written continuously, but the ways and habits to change are always a challenge for things to be made effective for any one person.  We did it when we had no clue and had to learn how to stand to walk.  Learning new things conceptually is not different, but removing the old habit is the challenge is the hurdle.

The first step is taking the time to break one negative pattern of thought.  Next is focusing on good in your life.  This shift in thought process will lead to a change in:  outlook on life, change in conversation, circle of friends and different quality in your life experience.    The thoughts are the first thing to be sent through the body and is important to pay attention to.  For as you do this change you will shift signals in your body to send positive energy to your tissues and inner being raises your health and provides a better lifestyle for you.

So try it out!  Have a great day and keep on smiling.  – that’s the first start.  If you are already down and out, what do you have to lose?   🙂


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