Many Hats to Wear but Only One Head

In life and in business, there are many positions that you must play to make the score.   The thing is knowing which to wear and when and more importantly that it can only be one at a time.  With deadlines, goals and the fast paced ways of this world, the sense of urgency creates a desire and need to do multiple things at a time.

The true mastery is with organization, scheduling and delegation.  With proper leadership and the right people, a team can make the right moves for the directed deliverable.  Teamwork makes the dream work and this not only applies to the work world, but with friendship and families.  The art of working together and knowing which hat will go with whom is a good sign that there is a clear sign for good communication and growth.

The challenge can be when you are the one man/woman shop that runs the household or the business.  An overwhelming task if not planned out right and balanced.  Overwhelming for this one person will try to put on to many tasks on the table to perform at hand.  This often leading to wearing more than one hat.  Remember you only have one head.  So learn time management and brainstorm the “If  Not You then Who” way of doing things to begin delegation and ways to improve the overall balance of people in your life and what level of support they will provide.

We weren’t born with directions with this thing called life but simplifying the obvious will be the first step.  If you get the 2 or 3 big things done in one day, then you’ve accomplished much.  Break things down in small manageable tasks, even if it takes a number of hours to complete.  The point is you complete and you feel accomplished.  Right things down and cross them off, it helps. This provides the same for personal as well as professional.  Remember the balance.  Life is a balance. So try not to topple the hats!  lol.

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