Break The Cycle

A transformational plan to get you REAL Change.

create the life you want to live

To Live Life On Your Terms

Its time you experience a real change and break the cycle for a true transformation.

Spiritual Growth Blueprint

Master how to fit the changes into your life.


Mechanics To Self Healing

Learn Why it will work and How it will benefit you.

Skills & Life Hacks

Learn how to process your spiritual development in your life to function with regular humans.

Intuitive Connection

Master the mind you connect with your divine being to make more insightful decisions. 

Actually learn how to break through

With this proven program, you will learn why your affirmations have not worked, get to the soul reasons why things are happenings.   Break past the procrastination, the times of burnout or fatigue that takes days or months off of your life.  Totally killing productivity, your peace of mind or just being happy.

Start mastering your mind and the energetics of things from a soul level to live the life you want with this easy to use program that will transform your life and give you better results.  


your way.


USD 72 Per Year
Save 33%

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Unlimited Plan

....Simple, Easy Walking you through the year

Its time you break these cycles


VALUE OVER $1200. 

That’s $1.57 a day for personal development.


How Long Do I have Access?

One time-purchase has lifetime access to what is available at time of purchase.  Membership, monthly fee will have access to updates.

What is m.A.P.?

An acronym for Meditate, Apply Pray.  Its about putting things into action and using the basic forms of communication for your spiritual life to attract abundance, activate self healing and have peace.

does this go against my beliefs?

Its all about love and breaking the strongholds that have been learned.  Using the sequence MAP, you will put things into action to go into love.  Go with what resonates with you.

how do you teach?

Keeping things simple.  Videos, Audio or Worksheets.  Depending on the topic, I have a varied sort put together for you to learn and apply to have the clear understanding you need to make strong intuitive decisions.

who is this for?

This is for the busy person, professional that is seeking to have a change.  Been uncertain on things and feel a calling to go home or that there is something more.  Not sure what it is, but wants to find clarity and have certainty in doing so.

how does this help me?

You get the 411 and all the resources for you to make Intuitive decisions. Get more connected with your internal guidance.

This program is all about transformative results designed to connect with your divine blueprint .