Meditating to Raise Your Self Value

By meditating, we allow ourselves to go within to open and clear all Chakra’s.   Everything is energy and our chakra’s are our energy centers that are located throughout the body.

What we feel and how our cells communicate is an energetic flow of signals.

By meditating, we can balance out the chakras and clear out the energy from areas that are being blocked.  There are 7 within the physical plane and have found for dealing with issues of self-worth, value and love of self that these three are essential with balancing.  These would be the Sacral, Throat & Root.

Solar Plexus Chakra ( – Self-confidence is one linked to the sacral chakra, which is located directly under the heart chakra and is connected to the digestive organs and controls our self-esteem and how we view ourselves.  When there is a lack of, or your mind is beating yourself up with negative thoughts about yourself, know that this might be blocked and needs a clearing.  Wearing yellow or using certain stones will help with raising your vibrations also.  I found the Mookaite to be great for this.  Its vibration energy is great to connect with and raise vibrations in your body, which affects the energies that direct how you feel about yourself.

Throat Chakra

 The throat chakra is associated with the color blue and located in the throat. Ways to identify if you are having challenges here is when you are not speaking up for yourself.  This is important with relationships and where you are settling for less and not speaking up for what is true to you.  In situations where you are becoming a doormat.

Grounding with the root is always important to do daily no matter what is going on.  It brings back stability and awareness.  Removing the worry and doubts that are controlling thought patterns and resisting the change of natural flow.

All these symptoms are normal, the key is being aware of what is going on to go inward and rebalance.  To learn more about the techniques on how to balance your chakras and for meditation techniques, check out this other article.

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