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We offer a wide range of meditations to help with stress, anxiety, overthinking, brain fog, healing and more..

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Improve your mind

Daily practice of meditation can improve your memory and mental clarity.

Deeper sleep

Meditation is a natural remedy that offers a better night's sleep.

Self awareness

Have greater control over your thoughts, feelings, and impulses.

Do you feel sad, lost and confused?

You don't feel like yourself anymore. The world around you doesn't make much sense, either.

Your mind is feeding you with unhappy thoughts or the following symptoms:

Mood swings

Bad sleep

Low energy


Meditation can heal your soul for years

You can heal your soul from the pain of the past with the practice of daily meditation.

Meditation has amazing benefits; it can clear and remove blocks from your chakras, alleviate chronic pain, and reduce stress in your daily life.

You'll learn to open seven (7) chakras

Let your energy flow freely by opening your chakras


crown chakra


heart chakra


throat chakra


third eye chakra


root chakra


sacral chakra


solar plexus chakra

Meet your instructor

Non are in a better mood than the meditation master Keshia Martin. All year round, people from all parts of the world travel to see her in Wilmington, DE.

It's a very special place where Keshia holds her meditation retreats - it unites people of different cultures, backgrounds, and values - all on the same quest to get healed.

Available meditations

Browse our available classes and pick the one that's right for you

Finding hope within

This is your healing journey, this sequence brings peace of mind as you let go.

Better night's sleep

Wonderful guided meditations that will help you relax and fall asleep.

Inner peace mastery

learn to practice awareness and bring peace of mind with these guided meditations.

Compassion mastery

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Focus your attention

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Control your awareness

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People love my meditations

Our clients experience life changing moments and that's why we're here

''I love your class, my body and mind is finally at peace. Thank you.''

Mandy Ray • New York

''Now I have achieved the calmness I have always strived for. Love your class.''

James Lee • Baltimore

''Started only this week and I feel my body relaxing and feeling better.''

Ava Ross • Richmond

''I'm finally happy and I enjoy my life every single day. Highly recommended.''

Emma White • Boston

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Frequently asked questions...

What if I don't have any experience?

All of our meditation classes are beginner-friendly. Our instructors will hold your hand every step of the way and look after your individual needs and interests.

What should I wear to class?

We recommend wearing clothes you feel most comfortable in. Light and airy clothing combos have been our practitioner favorites.

What if I can't learn meditation?

You may rest assured that you are in good hands. Our top instructors have developed ways of teaching meditation, your chances of failure are slim to none.

Do I need special skills?

The only skill required for meditation beginners is the willingness to listen, learn, and be patient with one's progress.

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