Message Received for Angels of Light, Masters & Leaders to Help The Many

Managing and loving are two different things.  As you define the worlds, two will become one.  Believe in the unity of all life as the changes unfold.  A magnitude of greatness is upon us and mankind is not ready.

A force of light will come upon us as energy expands within our hearts.  It is here one will manifest great wisdom, love, honor and trust.  Be not dismayed with your progress, but allow the entrance of new love and thinking to evolve within you.

Be still in this process and move swiftly as you are called.

It will be up to you to trust what is guided to you and familiarize yourself with the process.  You have learned to ask questions to gain clarity and inner wisdom.

It is now time to for you to master this.  A series of tests will be given.  You must apply what it is you know and grow.

Duplicate the process and implement to teach and expand minds.


Leaders grow and cultivate a crew to continue the legacy.  You must do the same.  Memories will return to you and give you great strength, plus confidence, to execute great tasks.

You must overcome the nature of small mind.  Be one and know the truth.  You are divine.  A true prophet of the divine and a priestess of the natural order. Given these gifts, you are to multiply.  Believe and discern for many are seeking the fame of the ego and will disdain the population.

Move in your light. Believe and trust. That is all as you will be guided through the change.  Be one with this.

You want to write more and will.  You are trusting and things will prevail.  Follow your guidance and be still as you take action.  Not just with your work, but with your practices.

Speak. Allow. Ground. Trust.

You are magnificent.  Believe and know you are coming into your own right.  Trust.

It is now you let go of fear and move forward into the light.

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