Message Received On Going Within And Its Power

Believe in the natural order that has been set before you.  It is here that all order and systematic approaches will be restored.  Be still in your nature and allow things to flow.

Be in your own ways confident in your approach as you field through knowledge and infinite wisdom.  For your messages are clear and to be received.  As you share with the masses,
their light will also grow.

This light must illuminate the world. Through the universe.  You will not fear the darkness as it comes to light what energy is held within this vast space.  But to know what is  within, will be the key to manifesting the greatness from the inner spirit.

Your Godchild.  The one that will know your harms, impressions, and healings on all energetic planes.  It is the magnetic energy that is within one that connects with another and allows the energetic exchange to occur.

Do not doubt in your ways, but understand the process as you remove karmic debris from your source.  This debris is a disturbance and must be released to allow the smooth energetic flow.  Managing to attain historical data and fictional now facts are futile in your efforts for the lineage of time is non-existent.

Manage to know the truth and the vibrations of this higher frequency to feel love and transfer this energy.  This is with light.  The love and compassion felt from one to another is the heart of life. It is the vibration that heals and can be moved through expansion of the heart.

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