Momentum With Your Thought Processes

Momentum is key with healing yourself and moving forward to a life of happiness.  As they say the Idle hands are the devils workshop.  So true indeed.  When your mind gets idle you allow yourself to engage in thought patterns that are not only false, but debilitating to your overall health and lifestyle.
Stay in movement with your day. Create a routine that works best for you so you are in complete balance of your life.  

Here are Some Tips: 

1.  Write a List of things You Need To Get Done
2.  Write a List of things You Want to Get Done

–  Make both lists simple and achievable for the day.  For long term goals, Make them something that you WILL get excited for.

3.  Take time out to Meditate.  This is essential and found beneficial at the start and end of the day. This is feeding your spirit first and giving it thanks at the end of the day.

4.  Embrace the Sunlight.  Get outside and walk or sit for 15 minutes. The natural healing properties that the sun gives is amazing.  It will boost your energy levels and decrease lower vibration moods.

5.  Take time to identify what YOUR gifts are.  Seek outside past your five senses.

6. Actively control your thought patterns throughout the day.


Much of the stresses and negative energies felt by a person comes from an imbalance with the spirit.  By fulfilling that bigger desire, one can begin to shift from negative manifestation in life to something much more positive and greater.

One can be happy and content without money, maybe uneasy that the light may not come on, but overall a peace of mind can exist when in full Trust.  It seems unbelievable.  But we also hear many times how one can have wealth and be clinically depressed, committing suicide, alcoholic and much more.

The negatives of the world has society conditioned to a thought pattern that only exists from continual manifestation.  Break from the norm and reach out of your comfort zone.  Momentum is key, not just with setting goals to reach the next thing society TOLD you is acceptable for your age, race or gender.  But Momentum is KEY with achieving an equal balance from within.

When you are happy and fulfilled from within, your passion becomes clear.  And consistent effort and some perspiration in the uncomfortable zone creates change.  So break through, keep moving. Do this by watching your thought patterns.  What comes after I AM?

Remove words like:
– Can’t
– Tired
– Sick
– Broke
– Try
– Impossible

Add words like:

– Possible
– Hopeful
– Energetic
– Healthy
– Working towards
– Wealthy

Whatever your words or thought pattern is, be active throughout your day to manage yourself.  It is the only thing truly that we each are in control of and have been given responsibility for.

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