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Let Your Life Make Sense

To a healing  that has been long overdue....


Uncover & Connect with What's truly REAL within.

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Exceptional and insightful! The book provided many real-life experiences and outcomes of personal Spiritual awareness. The book is a great resource that is assisting my pursuit and development of "higher self." Thank you for sharing your journey and providing guidance.

Eric Miles

Keshia Martin gives you a view of her own spiritual growth that is written to also give advise for your own self evolution.

Omari James

About Author

Keshia Martin

Going through this spiritual awakening was not easy and writing about it was even more.  But following my guidance, I have found many to find clarity in their existence and power in their being.  

This book is about transformations that I went through and what I feel is capable of many humans.  Especially old souls.  So you understand me, I was just as skeptic, wondered just as much and I then found my way. From channeled messages, visions to the mysteries of life, I uncovered so much and share in my first book OPEN Let Life Make Sense.  

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