Nature And Her Wondrous Ways of Speaking

A woman embracing nature

I love the outdoors!  That is me. My element.  As a child, I would be out there constantly, it was the blank canvas for the imagination.  Embracing the wind, going through trails, stepping in rivers, inventing new things and just being in the sun, rain, snow, whatever.  Whatever element there was, we were apart of it.

Somewhere between teen years and adulthood, thing may have fell off or changed for now my unity with nature is somewhat different.  She has been an instrument to communicate with, connect, learn and grow.  I find much peace with being connected and listening to the messages that she speaks.

Being one with nature, give such a greater insight of life and the cues that are needed to measure and make decisions along ones path.  It has been my guidance with growth, humility, understanding and so much more.

To some this may sound crazy, listening to nature speak.  But, it is what has been here since the beginning of time.  It is how, the earliest of man started.  This is all they had. Through time, we can see that it has not hindered, but has evolved us to where we are today.  The challenge now, is that with technology, many are left stagnant.  Isolated to a system that keeps them disconnected from the TRUE source.  So hearing about nature, seems far based.  Keeping one closed off.  But in reality, it is the real source of energy that communicates to us daily.

It is a life force.  The grass, trees, animals and insects are all alive.  With each you can look and learn from to a greater synchronicity to within.  See, going back to the bible and relating to present times, many now often say that things “like that” does not happen anymore.  The symbols, the messages that God gives is from an ancient time.  In sadness, through a confused state of mind, they use this as a crutch to why NOT TO believe; or have stronger faith to believe.

Where in truth, the messages are still here.  Your mind just has to be open to it.  For example, if a bee keeps appearing around you.  Pay attention.  Look how he works, what he is responsible for, how he works as a team, what his end goal is.  This may be your message on something that needs attention in your life.  Are you working as hard as you should on a specific project? Have you been giving the right focus? Are you playing as a team?

Another may be a turtle.  Think of its significance.  Its level of patience, how it stays on its path, its pace.  Are you moving too quickly?  Are you ready to give up?  Is your walk in life right now peaceful and grounded?

The symbolism and analogies are all right there, you just have to be open to receive the message.  Most often, people pray.  Countless times, I have heard “How come it does not work?” or “Does He hear ME?”  or any form of doubt based questions.  I have had them myself.

But what I have learned, outside of Meditation, that the Universe speaks through nature and answers in return.  You just have to listen. We all do.  Its the part of communication that most miss.  Its easy to speak what we want or don’t want.  But how open are we to receive?

See, technology has things so complicated that most are “expecting” some huge flashing light or big messaging on the wall for God/The Universe to “give them”.  However, the simplicity in the answer is right there.

As you grow. The message grows.  We are all more aware than we realize. The key is paying attention, slowing down and listening to what the true root lesson that we need at that time.

So start embracing nature.  I have such a fascination with trees right now.  I have a piece that I wrote a few months back.  But it is a beautiful thing that I am learning.  Legacy.  I can’t wait to share.  But go out, put your feet (not shoes) in the grass and just feel.  You are your own light, so trust you and what you receive as good/peace/love and light messages.

God/The Universe is listening.  Its now your turn.

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