Oatmeal and Healthy Benefits for Your Skin

Okay, If you are like me then you have the pedi blues sometimes and the winter or cold months can just be brutal on your skin.  So I’ve found some remedies to save some bucks as well as keeping your skin soft, smooth and fabulous!

First Up, Your diet!

Yup,  that is the essential to the ongoing care of your body and those heals of ours.  We need to give it what it needs.  For the course and dryness of the heals is a signal that our body is missing something.  In this case it will be essential vitamins, oils or minerals.

What I have found is Oatmeal.  Oatmeal as a daily source in your diet, keeps those chapped heals away, increases vibrancy in your overall complexion, elasticity and much more.  Quick ways to get this daily intake can be within budget as well as fit into your normal routine.

Golean Hearty Honey Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal (11.28 Oz) – $4.99

Warm up with Kashi GOLEAN hot cereals. This delicious way to start your day has Seven Whole Grains plus protein and fiber to help you stay on track to being your healthiest.

I have found the quick instant packs to be great!  What I do often times, since I’m not into the thick mixture of oatmeal, is to actually put in my Ninja and blend with one or  two fruits.  I have this as a breakfast in the morning and head out for my day.

Just one a day keeps a pedi away.  

Another Action Item to Try Out


Now this is for the instant fix or to give you a jump on this as you wait a week or two to see the result from the oatmeal.  Olive Oil.  If you have some, as well as two plastic bags then you are in business.  Lol, this sounds funny or wierd, but it works!   Take some olive oil, before bedtime and rub over your heals and on your feet.  Then, of course, wrap them individually in a plastic bag before bed. When you wake in the morning, remove the bags and feel the difference.

Now to maintain, you must continue with a diet that promotes healthy skin with moisture.  Now, why these two items?

Rehydrating Olive Oil Cleanser For Normal To Dry Skin (4 Fl Oz) – $15.50

Rehydrating Olive Oil Cleanser for normal to dry skin is a gentle face and body cleanser that leaves skin feeling supple, fresh, and moisturized. Pure organic, virgin olive oil gently deep cleans the pores and moisturizes the skin. Castile soap provides foaming action to wash away the excess oil, leaving your face feeling clean and soft. Very lightly scented with soothing lavender.Best choice for most skin types except oily skin. Highly concentrated; a little dab will do.

Oatmeal and its Benefits for Dry Skin

Oatmeal contains beta-glucan that forms a fine film on your skin as well as penetrates deep into the skin to provide much needed deep moisturizing to your skin.  It is also a great source of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, thiamine and iron.  As a result, it acts as a natural moisturizer by removing the dead skin cells.  In addition, oats has anti-inflammatory properties and are suitable for all skin types. They are clinically effective in healing dry and itchy skin.

Olive Oil and its Benefits for Dry Skin

Olive Oil has tremendous rewards to your skin.  With its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, your skin will repair itself with these added properties applied.  See antioxidants in olive oil help repair skin damage, soothe and relieve chapped, itchy and cracked skin and help rebuild the skin’s moisture barrier to prevent further moisture loss from occurring — and as a bonus those antioxidants will also reduce damage that leads to wrinkles and discoloration.

Great healthy ways to gain healthier skin, embrace the benefits!

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