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Keshia Martin
Vibrational Healing Coach and Author

Offering experiences that helps one remove the confusion faced during the ascension process. Knowing what is real and having the ability to trust this process can be daunting, lonely and debalitating. This book will give you the insight to transition through this process smoothly. With channeled messages received, Yeshua, Beethoven, Krishna and many others, you will gain insight through the vulnerable eyes of one that took the path. Giving you insight on how to connect and become a better version of you. Its time to let life make sense.
It's your guide to help connect the dots in this thing called life.
Alone Waits The Wolf
Keshia A. Martin 
Seek answers and know that you will find. Visualize what is yours and so it will be. It is that easy, for as it is so, believe, my love, for it is true.Through these challenges, enemies have been placed amongst you. They have stood time with you, but as you released them, do not doubt their place. The choice is in a mindset to change patterns in thinking and believe in the feelings of the heart of what is true.
Imagine living a life where you are satisfied at the end of the day. You were productive. You feel love and complete. How about doing the simple things like selfies or taking that bigger risk of starting that thing, you know, the one you think you can't because XYZ. When you start to allow and connect, past the hard stuff, things happen and not little ones.  The greatness that has been stored within.  And within YOU. 
Learn the energetic to what is stopping you in areas of your life. The science, mysticism behind it all is not so whoo-whoo when you know the mechanics behind it all.

By connecting within and putting things together in a new way, you unlearn the old paradigm and begin manifesting a different life with more love, abundance and success for your future. The key is with unlocking within you.
Answers Received From One
 Who Didn't believe in many things.
Yeah, I know, that sounds crazy right? And it's why I've been on the fence about moving forward for so long. But many are awakening and the symptoms and diagnoses people are receiving is creating a bigger ripple. So now, I put myself out here. This stuff is what I've been through and downloads as they say for the WHY..When you open the box, you will question.  

Hecks, I did.  lol.
BUT, here's the thing, when YOU open and try things, the whole FAITH, Energy, Ancient wisdom stuff all comes together.

WHY?  Cause its all inside. you.
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