Open to What Is

When you liberate yourself from the entrapment of life and the strongholds against you, you free yourself from a misguided path that was not intended for you.  Life as you know it will be free.  We were given free will and the ability to make decisions and choices freely. Unfortunately with limited exercising this ability.  Many at times, with societal structures and norms, we are programmed into a lifestyle that is dictated by someone else.  In essence forcing a feeling of boxed in or entrapment. 
Other times, life experiences may trigger a stronghold in your life where your hands are tied and things are dependent on others and your loss of freedom has now been achieved.   Realization of what has occurred is the first step to move forward and to open yourself to possibilities.  Acceptance of what is, is the next.   To accept is not to falter down and cower to a life of entrapment.  But to accept is to know what the obstacle is and make rightful decisions to free yourself from entanglement.  
For example, you can look at your bills and say “oh my, how will this get done? I need to CUT DOWN, to meet expectations”  This in essence is resignation a situation.  There are two choices here.  One is to find ways to work in the situations or the other is to make the situation work for you.  You can trim down or put your head down and find ways to raise up.  The choice is yours.  
So know you, accept you and be what is to be open and make the rightful decisions to better your life, even through the challenges.   The challenges that are given to you and that in most cases will only be understood by you. For the shoe you wear and the path you take will be different that ones close or far to you.  

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