Organized Space, Organized Mind

Isn’t it great when we have a space we can call our sanctuary?  A place where you can relax and have a peace of mind?  Truly, organization is key to moving smoothly to receive this level of harmony.  I personally like simplicity and being creative, I like to find nice practical ways to organize my living space that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional.  I’ve found some images of spaces within a home that have a tendency to take up time in your day when unorganized.

When we are organized and things are placed in an accessible location, our flow of thoughts are more fluid.  We eliminate an additional thought pattern of trying to fix or remember which results in over spending by repurchasing.

John Louis Home Standard Closet Shelving System, Red Mahogany

Overall it makes your life easier when you are organized.  The challenge is finding creative ideas that do just that.  Its either you get the martha stewart look with tons of buckets everywhere or non functional methods that look really good but are not easy to stay consistent with.

Whatever your style, you can get ideas to either rebuild an area or do frugal add on’s to make a world of difference.  This closet organizer is a great way to make starting your day even simpler.  I know for me the next big thing would be desk, paperwork and organization.  Other essentials are furniture with drawers, cabinets and storage capabilities.  These functional aspects are a must with your interior design.

When we eliminate the extra steps or distracting thought patterns, we give more time back in our day to rest, reflect and work harmoniously to a greater purpose.  The more time we put into our inner purpose and reflections spiritually is the more we grow and find peace.

This peace of mind allows creativity to opportunities to flow better to and through you.  Just as taking care of your body is essential through proper diet and exercise, so is having a positive environment.  Clutter carries energy from all different sources and clouds your space.  To be closer to God and have clarity in his works for you, your environment should reflect a clear mind with you.  When you see your space becoming unorganized or in disarray, this is a reflection of how your mind is at the time.   It is an indicator that there is some form of pressure, stress or confusion in your life.

The best way to stay on track and be consistent with things is to find a good organizational structure that works for you.  To begin the process, I’ve found selecting one space to organize in your home as a project.  This one space may be a closet, cupboards in the kitchen, a bedroom and so on.  So lets say you do one project a month, before you know it your home is closer to where you want it to be.

The key is finding easy practical solutions that work best for you and meet your style.  Finding your style will give you happiness from within and a balanced living space for you and your loved ones.  So take that necessary time out, budget in your schedule and give your space the freedom from clutter it needs.

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