Our Children and Their Needs for Tomorrow’s Future

nurture the seeds planted today for a brighter tomorrow.

Alrighty, I have to change gears a little bit.  I know my main focus has been with spirituality and growth for this is the root to everything.  The core is love. The core of the apple is what provides the outer appearance of the fruit.  So until we correctly get to the actual root of things, can we actually fix it.  For everything else are just mere examples of the bad root.

With that being said, it is on me to speak more about children.  Perhaps from a few days away with mine or maybe all the violence that I see happening, it has it on my heart to help save them.

We know they are our future.  But some are so tied up in the now and current stresses that taking that time out with the kids to see what it is they really want is amist to their very own eyes.  By far I am not a perfect parent, but I must say that I am happy to see how they are growing even with their needed improvements.

future men.  leaders/doers of tomorrow

But knowing that there are so many kids born with ideas, creative talent, beliefs, skills that can build, or ones of compassion, good listeners or even problem solvers that can use these skills to be something magnificent.

It is so common, because much of our generation was taught when growing up to do what will make a living and provide.  However, as many have grown and have seen with success stories, it is what you love doing that makes you succeed.

Don’t allow society to teach your children what they should do comes with great challenges and things should be hard.  Teach them to follow what comes naturally and allow things to flow easily.  Each individual is birthed uniquely with our own strengths and weaknesses.  Identify their strengths and build from there.  Also, know it won’t omit all challenges in life, but when we do what we love, it is overall good for our body, emotional state and ultimately create a balance.


Also, not everyone is meant to own something or a business.  The people that are needed to follow are just as important.  If you have a child that can do a routine over and over again in a systematic way, they are crucial to the world with following instructions and executing – Getting the Job done.

I started early reads with my children to learn about life and for them to understand it is important to become lifetime learners.  Also, for them to know that life is not just about working and having a career but dealing with people, having a role in a community and being a well rounded individual.

I stem this with children that are not raised in a good environment and are products of parents that were also not raised in a good environment.  The challenge is that a cycle is not being broken.  Its disheartening to go to a school as a photographer and hear the stories from seniors and their living conditions and what their options are for the future.

It is hard to know in this country that so much are struggling just to get by and much of this is from lack of understanding, having belief in them or their dreams or understanding of the resources available to them to make things better.

This can’t be done overnight, but I know some great reads for people at least get started to make a change.  A real simple one to start a child with is Who Moved My Cheese.  It is a great way to introduce self learning.  From there you can also get Seven Highly Effective Habits for Teens.  This gives ways of developing habits of setting goals and ways to achieve them.  With words of encouragement and motivation a young mind can start to believe in themselves and prepare for an adult life.

I hope this helps, I will be sending more as I navigate through some technical challenges.  

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