The Positive Ways to Access Good and Bad Emotions

Bad Emotions  are Anger, Frustration, Hurt, Depression and are levels that bring us to a negative vibration.  The results, we feel low; at times with despair and on a whole with no hope.  When these emotions surface, we attract more negative things to happen and move through our lives.

We have these emotions for a reason.  With freedom of choice, we must learn how to access this energy in a way that is most beneficial to us.  In other words, accepting what is negative as negative.  A better solution is finding a way to access and utilize this energy in a positive way.

If we do not, we will lose control of our reaction.  This lack of control with an emotional reaction, results in illogical behavior.  Examples of this includes, actions and words produced and expanding the negative vibrations in your environment.

Here’s the thing, we all have good and bad in each of us.  The emotions we feel are justified, but things have not been taught on a spirit level how to control and utilize energy.

The emotion comes from the spirit.  It is our signal that something is not right.  Vibrationally, we are picking up something within ourselves or the situation that needs looking into.  To properly learn from this and make changes, we must start to make proactive actions that require inward reflection to assess what is truly wrong.

Some Active Steps To Take:

  1. Fall back.  If something is upsetting you, take a step back.  
  2. Be quiet.  In the stillness, feel and bring your emotions to a calm.  
  3. Acknowledge the negative thought patterns.  
  4. Say “If you are not with God (Jesus, Universe, Divinity, etc) then you do not belong here.”
  5. Ask for guidance, clarity in the matter.  

Do this to first to control the energy.  Bring it to the heart, to understand, manifest and disperse through your energetic body correctly.  By keeping it from growing in a negative form, we access the control within.  Here, we have a handle.

What we can do with this from here is channel this energy into a better form.  Utilize this energy in a better way.  This way could be with creativity, work or positive directions in your situation.  How you do this is by centering yourself through the heart in a meditation.  Meditate, by breathing.  The key hear is breathing, the air into and around the heart.  It sounds simple, weird and and corny if this is new to you.  But, it is what will work.

We must learn to breathe correctly as we did when we were first born.   If you have ever noticed a baby, they breathe from the stomach or proper term diaphragm. Much deeper and circulated. This is unlike us as adults, who breathe quick and short breaths from the lungs.  As a result, we fatigue more as the body works that much harder to circulate oxygen through the body.  By slowing down and focusing on our breathe, we retrain the body to perform to its optimum.  This places the focus on the heart.  Here is where control of our internal emotions and energy gain the positive energy from the divinity.   

Meditative Steps of Action:

  1. Focus on your breathing.
  2. Inhale through the nose and focus on sending the air down to the heart and around.
  3. Exhale.
  4. Do this as you send and channel the oxygen through your body
  5. Focus on the energy and bring it as tree with roots in your mind. Grounding yourself and channeling the energy upward.
  6. Ask for guidance. 
  1. Why is this bothering me? * most important question
  2. What is within me that is attracting this into my life
  3. How do I fix this?
  4. What is proper action, I should do next?  (Accept nothing or wait, if that comes)
  • Wait for peace and clarity of the mind.
  • The key here is to control the energy first from growing exponentially at a negative scale.  The second steps is controlling, understanding and moving it towards a positive scale.  Its a balance.  We have these emotions for a reason and so much are we on ourselves with a label of “Good” or “Bad”.  As a result, people deny the bad and only face forward with being a “Good” person.  This level of imbalance creates a great disservice to anyone. 
    We must embrace our darkness and not fear it.   Not cultivate it into more negative, but to understand, NOT FEAR and move it when needed.  There are times, one will need to be angry. But doing it effectively and with control as shown here will yield to a better result versus running ungrounded and illogically on uncontrolled emotions.
    We are in a world where there are a lot of negative people, vibrations and wrong doings.  Where people are one sided, evil or filled with their own level of negative energy.  As a result, you may have to stand your ground to protect yourself and the things you work hard for.   In addition, to send love back to the person or situations creating distress in your life.  If one runs off half-tailed, the result will be minimal with the same results.  But if one masters the energy from within, the results will be a lesson learned for both parties. 

    The Results Will Be:
    1. You are true to yourself.  By grounding and finding the answer, you can stand your ground more effectively to the person or situation.  Knowing enough is enough.  
    2. Opening the throat chakra more to communicate better. (Ask in prayer for guidance on this if you need help.)
    3. The other person will learn a lesson or gain respect for you.  Rome was not built in a day, so have grace.  Some may need to go through it again.  So NO EXPECTATION. You stood your ground and did whats best for you.  That is what matters.
    4. Deeper understanding of self. 

    To be in alignment and in peace or bliss, one must operate with the spiritual self.  This comes by knowing and understanding thyself.  Being true to you.  This includes embracing the Yin and Yang, the Dark and Light within us.

    When completing the meditation, a sense of peace will be the result no matter the answer.  Some will feel the peace or level of outcome, while others, may hear or just know.  If you are just starting, you may not feel anything or if the emotion is that high you may need to do the exercise for a longer duration to bring yourself down.  Your sensitivity will be on where you are in your growth. Either way, you will know you are with the right energy when peace comes to you.  This will be true for either a positive or negative result.

    Once you arrive at a level of peace, you can send love back to the external forces that upset you while you send that energy of light within yourself to deal with the true “Why” things took you out of alignment from your spirit.

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