Owning Your Energy

Concentrate and focus on the energy within you.  Do not give it a label. Just know what is present.  To stop and think will be to resist and to feed or give it strength.  The key here is to be in the present. Understanding and knowing you.

It is here we identify our gifts.  Lifting the veil and seeing ourselves in the mirror as God has designed.  Knowing your own individual path that is truly and uniquely designed for you.  It is here you can see from the inward perspective how things are being drawn to you from the outside world.


Be it Negative Or Positive.  It is here you allow and understand what is your true reflection.   Do this as a base.  Get to know you more, deeper.  The more you know, the less you will absorb others energy or be swayed when things come about.  The reason being is, you will adjust until only the things you want are being attracted, for you yourself are what you like.

Own your energy, know it, love it.  Love you and the essence of who you are from within.  This is the spirits call for you.  The body signals and emotional triggers of sadness, anger, depression are all ways of telling you that you are not in alignment with your soul and your true purpose.

So listen to your spirit by meditating and knowing your inner vibrations from within.

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