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I'm Keshia --

Shifting the Energy In You To Attract the Right Relationships

Learn how to do this while living more abundantly and happier

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I offer programs that help you attract what you want

Speak to someone who has walked in your shoes and can help you get out of attracting the same ish with friends, your mate and family. Shifting the energy, helps clear mental, emotional and even physical ailments. Moving this, you will no longer feel unseen, unheard or alone. 

Tired of feeling like things are pointless, Attracting the Wrong people or feeling unfulfilled?

Helping women and men, I offer a hybrid approach that allows 1:1 sessions with group to break the energetic ties that keep you attracting the wrong relationships into your life. Learn the ways to raise your vibe and find the one you can call mine while working with me. 

Who Am I?

Meet Keshia, a healer who specializes in Ancient Light Healing. Keshia Martin is an international healer who believes in the potential for every person to live their best life. She's also the CEO and Founder of Universal Love, a healing platform to ancient wisdom, teachings and energetic work that supports hundreds of women and men every month with their emotional work, self-healing and spiritual enlightenment through her programs. She's multi-faceted with her healing abilities, an author and understands personal development, energy work, communication, relationships, as well as her many products.

What folks say...

“A call that led to my tapping the Powers within! Keshia is incredibly talented and gifted in the arts of healing and meditation. I had the good fortune to connect with Keshia through Linkedin. We took our connection offline, and I discovered Keshia’s gifts of intuition and holistic healing. What stood out most about our call was Keshia’s ability to pinpoint areas in my life that needed healing with remarkable accuracy. Equally, her demeanor was kind and non-judgmental, leading to a personal breakthrough for me! If you are seeking to align your mind, body, and soul, then I wholeheartedly recommend that you consider Keshia Martin as your choice for a holistic healer. You will be transformed!”​

–Adrienne Simms Harris

"Just saying if you have any doubt on the power of energy healing and what it can do for you? – you need to open your spirit and allow the process -IF you feel there is a forever spinning wheel that just will not stop or you are in a funk not having clarity or direction – You need to get on board with Keshia – The powerful session will deliver amazing results – in just one session with Keshia and NOT having any knowledge of her I am forever empowered and released with a clearer direction than I have had in the last 24 months – reach out if you need more confirmation on her abilities to help you – I give her a top rating!”

– Jodeen Bergstrom

....and NOW it's your turn

Want to release the stuck energy of failed relationships and disappointments. Don’t let your past define you. In this upcoming program, you will learn everything about your energetic bonds—how to break them, how to create them, and start attracting the DIVINE KIND of love that attracts joy, purpose and fulfillment into your life. If you are feeling stuck, look no further

    • Let go of all negativity

    • Break the vicious cycle of failed relationships

    • Discover the potential inside of you

    • Live an abundant free spirited life

    • Connect with your INNER self

Healing takes time, but it’s a joyful and rewarding process. In our on-going healing sessions, we’ll take our time together, explore the troubles and roadblocks you’re facing in your life, and discover ways to heal those pains and come out a better, stronger you.

With 24/7 Support Access

You want a REAL Shift, one where you manifest, have abundance, feel happy and get the love. 

You are in the right place. 

1:1 Healings

Breaking the energetics, you will move way faster than therapy, or doing it alone.  

Virtual Group

Private community, Monthly Meetings, Meditations -- you won't feel alone with your needs here.

Health Improvement

After just one session you will instantly notice improvement with your state - calmness, change in thinking, attracting.

and Resources...

I know what its like to get the help, but what what about the things to buy, products or things that can get things done faster...I got you.


For tips on self healing and restoring your mind. body. soul.

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