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diconnecting the disconnect.

Love, laughter, smiles and warmth are all some necessary ingredients to heal you emotional, physical and spiritual well being.   Without these, energetically you are lost and disconnected from your higher self. This disconnect creates negative results such as worry, insecurity, fear, loss, anger, shame, lonliness and depression to name a few.   Most cope …

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Sorry, I’ve been away for a bit.  Was taking time to recuperate some more from continued challenges.  It brought me to a concept and ideal of healing the body and realization.  The realization that life is a short and as you go through it, the more  deep breath that we all must take.  As we breathe in, we …

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Reflecting on Life and its offerings is a peaceful way to find your true inner being.  Many times as we begin this “down time”  we wrestle with many thoughts, to-do’s and sometimes find ourselves worrying.    When in fact, as bad as our troubles are to us, or to yourself.  To someone else their trouble …

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So I started a blog and then was hit with health issues.  The very evening I went to do a photography job for a wedding and rushed to the ER by the end of the night.  This goes to show, we should not take anything for granted.  We know this already.  Tomorrow is not promised.  …

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