Pain and Moving Through It. All is Not Lost.

I was out yesterday and on the bus, I met someone who pissed me off and brought tears to my eyes all in one.  It was a man that had served for our country and he had lost his leg, eye, teeth and so much but was still smiling.  But what brought the emotions out of me was not the smile but to know how much he had given to our country and lost so much because of it and in the end, he had to fight to get taken care of for eight years and still fighting.  The financials, the physical hold backs, the emotional stress…It was so disheartening.  As I continued through the day, I met others that had stories.  Hurt.  Pain.

As an empath, I have to be careful for I can take this on, the pain. I found an article this morning about the great chef that committed suicide.  The mental torment that he went through, the anxiety, the pressure.  Worse knowing the end of life does not free you from broken spiritual ties.  He is just one of many that goes through these mind/emotional bending thoughts that can either make or break you.  The answers seem clear, but somehow things have become so foggy for many.

Pain is real and many are in this today.  I’ve found people in my life and as I grow spiritually I continue to bring in people with like souls that can also feel what may be on my mind.  I say this, for a friend shared with me today, without a conversation and it went fitting with today’s post.  Synchronicity.  That is God’s way.   I hope she doesn’t mind, but her friend created a video that I believe can help others through what they too may be going through.  This one is called Faith and the artist name is Hannah Reca.

I hope it can reach someone, with this blog and find a way to help them internally with getting through some life challenges.  I’ve gone through my own levels of pain and the push to move forward and go THROUGH it, is what remains.  For the strongest soldiers are chosen for battle and making it through training is a must.    In addition, I found a video from Tony Robbins that was inspiring as he told this story.  I found it uplifting and a solution to moving forward.

Remember, nothing comes easy and pain is a part of the process of creating something beautiful. Think about giving birth.  (If you are a man, you may relate another way…lol)  But the thing is, life is a beautiful thing.  That pain to get through to bring life into this world…many will find it was worth it.  To know that you brought life. life.  In this life, many say they want it all.  Well when you say you want it all, know that pain is a part of this too.  The strength in knowing this is a part the growth is the start, and moving through the hardship and WILL make you stronger.

This was a thought that was weighing heavy on me as I hear thoughts, frustrations and feel what they may be going through.  Also, what I KNOW is that everyone knows someone if they themselves are not this person going through something.  The question is, how bad is that something.

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