Pain and Pleasure

Pain is something I can’t say that I get excited about, happy for or enjoy during the process. I’ve endured much in a lifetime that I’ve been on this experience and must say that my thresh hold for things have gotten much stronger.  But one thing that has been a fundamental part of it, is what the outcomes result in.

The growing, the humility, the challenges, the tears, the screams, the outcries, prayers, meditations, teachings, friends, enemies are all things that can be felt through any hardship with less or more added to it.  After all, I am greatful, for what has been gained far outweighs what was lost.  I remember another saying my father used to say to me and that was when I went through challenges at a job and receiving far more work and responsibilities than the pay, and that was this.  “Keshia, they can never take away what you learn.  Always remember that.  For what you learn, is for you and will be used for whatever God’s plan is for you in the future.”

I take this with me for this life is a battle.  With the pains in life, I have found pleasures beyond my imagination.  These pleasures are with contentment, happiness, love, excitement, humility, understanding, compassion and acknowledging for something greater.  Understanding that it was time to outgrow that pond and move to something more.  Being prepared for a radical stretch.  This reflection, not only gave me insight on where I was, but what I truly want.   To be happy.  This one question changed my life a few years ago, “Are you Happy?” and I will always remember him for that in that moment. Happiness, its a gift an one of many.  With the gifts that are presented for me, I must say that they are beyond any man made riches and I’m greatful for that.

If you doubt what I say, think of those that are so financially well off but are very much unhappy.  The truth in this is grounding yourself in your core beliefs and finding the truth within you.   Cultivating this energy into what is not seen but yet so real.

 Just a little to reflect on.  Stay wise and smile.   Your life awaits.

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