Patience and What to do during the wait

Ever want something so bad that your emotions and feelings are tied up in a knot?  This can be with buying a home, getting a new job, dating and knowing if he or she is really into you.  Learning to have patience is a talent that we each must develop. No matter what it is that has you in a knot, know that there is a way to deal with the wait.


In life, we can go to different challenges where were face to make quick decisions. It is in these moments that we must stay steadfast in our ways to make the decisions.  Patience tests us during the storms. It’s here, what we, do and think is of high impact on the outcome.

If in this time, you spend it worrying, anticipating or re-working yourself of the past actions, you have used energy to manifest a possible bad outcome.  This energy created by thought is energy that transmutes into your words and then actions.  As a result, you build more resistance to the situation and creates an outcome of what you actually fear instead of what you want.  The reason is the emotion of what you don’t want is stronger and therefore manifests into the physical.

So Here’s what you should do:

  1. Reframe your thought.
  2. Focus on the outcome of what you actually want
  3. Breathe and remove distracting thoughts.


To have patience is to learn to allow and to have things come to you in its natural flow.  This is allowing.  This incorporates your body on an energetic level to be fluid so things do not get stuck.  Taking deep breaths, help you get into that state of mind.  It allows you to relax, bear away from the anxious thoughts and come into center.  When you don’t slow down in these moments,  the anxiety kicks in, creates racing thoughts, assumptions and at times paralysis when levels of action may be needed.

How you process and behave in the time of waiting is vastly important to this outcome.

Learn to become silent and go within to transmute the energy into a positive flow. One that will allow positive thoughts to flow through instead. Bring silence to the mind and allow yourself to bring things to you. It is within this silence through breath, that you can find the true answer as you discern through the options presented.


Most importantly, take action on what feels best.  When you hear the action, know that it does not mean you have to do a physical thing.  Just know now, you have received your intuitive signals on what to do next.

Action steps received intuitively can be:

  1. Make a call
  2. Take a trip
  3. Pause.  Take some time, let things come to you
  4. Trust.The.Process.
  5. Connect with someone.
  6. Meditate
  7. Pray
  8. Focus and take something off your list
  9. Allow ideas to come
  10. Take some time for you


The message and what to do, get clear when you release the anxiousness, worry, and doubt.  Allow yourself, to let go of the resistance and trust the answer that comes to you intuitively.  When you are in a state of worry, your mind will step in with the ego and create more scenarios that feel like your intuition.  Your intuition is never wrong, but your state of mind with receiving may.  Allow yourself these steps to get centered and aligned with your higher truth and you will find patience is not as difficult.


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