Peace and Serenity

Peace is a state of being where you are one with not just yourself, but with the universe. Harmonious to a greater plan an way of being. The feeling of peace is one that is light, quiet and serene. You are simplistic in your ways and in your thinking. We have all experienced peace and yet we drift from this as focus is lost to something more demanding in the now at the time. Finding a way to balance yourself to not escape from peace not only increases your well being, but also opens the doors to opportunities to flow to you and through you.

To physically achieve a peace of mind and peace throughout your soul is to start your day this way. By balancing your energies in your body, you can retreat to a state of mind that was created in love and harmony. This can be done with simple breathing techniques through meditation. I have found that doing even a 15 minute meditation, gives clarity, improves thinking and slows down a reactive state to situations, places or things.

Meditation, is often misunderstood. It can be thought of some ritual that requires you to worship a statue to some yoga exercise that is some new wave like planking. For those that are not familiar with it, they miss out on so much and the benefits of. Here is a way that you can think of it, as a form of communication. We are given two ears and one mouth. For whatever higher power you believe in, most communicate your needs, wants, praises and complaints through prayer to the almighty. Prayer, a method of speaking to God verbally, silently in your way from you to him. Meditation, on the other hand, is the other part of communication. This is called listening. Listening to the instructions, the advice, the knowledge that God has in store for you.

We have free will to do as we may, but with the help from our higher power, greater things can be rewarded to you as you listen to the plans and work. Through this silence, we feel peace and serenity for we are one with this source.

 Quieting your mind, may be a challenge, but with practice it will be of great benefit to you. If you are new to meditation or have tried but not succeeded by receiving the results that you have heard are possible, then I recommend some guided meditative tools under my picks. I have found them to be quite beneficial and great aids to get me started and even now when I want to reach a deeper level.

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