Price vs Quality

As a key decision maker, you have opportunities that present themselves and the question of price becomes a factor.  The question of “what is the price I will have to pay? what will this cost me?”.  What it may cost, varies from time, money, friendship, family, etc… and in the end the sacrifice may be worth it as well as it may be a learning lesson.  The challenge is that in most cases, you will not know until the end, where all the experts in hindsight appear at the round table meeting.

So how do you overcome this?  How do you make a sure fire decision that will receive the best possible outcome?   The first step is knowing yourself and what it is that you want out of the opportunity.  You must be clear on what it is that you want.  But how are you clear if an opportunity presents itself that you did not ask for?

Here’s the kicker, in some way you did ask for it.  The universe has a way of giving you what you are sending out and what you are asking for or in need of.  The challenge lies in how it was delivered to you.  Your expectation of how it should be given was not as planned.  So what do you do?

You must evaluate the opportunity itself and weigh out the positives and negatives.  Many of times you can do this in your mind, but there are instances you will have to sit and list these items.  But either way you must ask yourself these questions in times of uncertainty after the list of evaluation.

  • What can I gain from this?  
  • Even if there is a loss or negative outcome, is it something I can deal with?  
  • What will I learn from it, that was missing in the past to help with a future opportunity?  
  • If I gain, how will this benefit my life?  
  • Will my quality of life change?  If so, how?  

Your life and how you add value to it is key with this discussion today.  We all know that staying positive is key.  But how do you ignore the negatives?  How do you ignore the negatives, when so many times they come at a lower price?  For instance, if you don’t value time, you give away your time.  If you something is on sale, you purchase at a lower price at the cost of quality…something cheaper.

See if you focus on what is easier, what is cheaper then what will come to you will be just what you asked for.  What then results in a continued search of what is easier and cheap.  Continually searching and using resources and time to find what will inevitably cost you more in the end.   So, if time is your most valuable resource, why would that be the quickest thing given away to add more negativity, problems, obstacles in your life – regardless of the price to be paid?

To receive this opportunity in a positive light, you must be prepared.  Preparation is key so you do not become penny wise and pound foolish.  If you are not financially, emotionally, physically or intellectually prepared for an opportunity in your life be it business, relationship/becoming a parent, a trip or whatever the case may be to be educated upon, then you will fail.  The life lesson will repeat itself in another form and the process begins again.

So the price you have to pay, comes now with building and growing you from the inside out.  So when the opportunity does come, you will know if you want it.  Then from there know how to make the decision on what to do.  Cause it is not always about the price.  Once you see value in what you will gain from life’s new opportunity, then you have gained all already.    

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