Acupuncture Yoga Cushion Massage Cushion and Pillow Yoga mat

– Size:
Cushion: 67x42x2 CM
Pillow: 37.5x14x10 CM
– Weight:
Cushion: 512 G
Pillow: 187 G
– Quantity of Pin:
Cushion: 210
Pillow: 59

Package Content:
– Set:
1 x Cushion、1 x Pillow、1 x Storage Bag
– No Pillow:
1 x Cushion
– Pillow:
1 x Pillow
– Lotus:
1 x Cushion、1 x Pillow

– Color: purple, green, apple green, sky blue, dark green, lavender, black, pink, royal blue, orange



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