The Universal Manifestation Bundle

The ultimate manifestation bundle! This bundle contains all 6 of Moon and Jai’s core ritual kits. Use them to create a life full of Manifestation, Love, Balance, Healing, Prosperity and Release.

Each kit is centered around a core crystal that’s energetically aligned with the quality you want to manifest. They also include Sage, Palo Santo, cleansing Selenite, amplifying Clear Quartz,¬†and a scroll containing crystal benefits, care instructions and guidance on establishing your practice.

~Box dimensions are 7 inches long x 5 inches wide x 2 inches tall
~The healing crystals in each kit have been cleansed, energetically charged, moon bathed and blessed.


100 in stock

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Cord Cutting Meditation

Break Soul Ties, Karmic, Ancestral, Psychic Cords & Toxic Relationships

Only $1.97!