Vibrational Alchemy Cards



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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Cards with symbols received from the divine through many years of channeled messages and healings.

Get the deck of cards that will activate your inner gifts to best guide you on your spiritual journey. These cards are for the advanced, that are ready to access their light codes and embody their true potential. These symbols were received as channeled images in deep meditations.

Discovering these symbols had power with breaking past fears, energetic blocks, memory patterns and emotional pains, the discovery for this lead to a bigger opening to the unknown paradigm.

Meditations for the symbols may be accessed here with the creator and powerful healer. Here you can discover your untapped abilities, begin healing do much more.

Energetic shifts are real and these symbols infused with God Source energy will get you aligned with your higher self and your true positive potential.


  • Access Spiritual Gifts with a Clear Knowing
  • Break Past Limiting Beliefs, Energetic Blocks
  • Feel Stronger in Power with Your True Limitless Potential