Rebuilding Yourself

The swirly line that we all end up taking when moving through life to our goals.   Boy, what a hit when it takes you off!!  I for one have definitely had my set of challenges as I am  sure many of you have too.  For if you haven’t had challenges, have you really lived?  Have you taken yourself out of your comfort zone?

The thing is, no matter the severity of the waver, its how you overcome the life lesson.  What you take in, process and if you internalize a newness to avoid crossing the same path in the future.  For one thing is certain, if you do not learn your lesson in one aspect of your life, you will definitely come into something else that will teach you the lesson you missed the first time.  In some cases, worse!  lol.

But no worries, all is never lost until you give up and have a resignation to it or life.  So where do we go from here?  First off don’t resign.  Resignation is when nothing can affect you anymore, just lost – don’t care – emptiness.  Keyword – emptiness, for you can overcome things to not affect you anymore, but it is the emotional feelings behind this we must look at to discern Overcoming or Resignation.  Once you know where you are you can now make the decision.  At a point that life has hit you, taken you off your path and for whatever length of time you have veered off you need to get back in the saddle again and move forward.  But you are not quite sure how?

A time of introspection is needed, reflection.  This is when you apply a conceptualized learning and apply concepts in another aspect of your life and apply  it to whatever your challenge is now.  See, the thing is, we are all equal.  But the key is knowing what you are strong in and what you are weak in.  When you master yourself and accept these things about yourself, you can then move forward with good strides.

Accept what you are not good at.  Point Blank. But understand and know what your strengths really are.  Here is the beauty, the essence to this discussion.  For what you have taken the time and what has come to you naturally can be re birthed and become your strengths can now be applied into other parts of your life.  Essentially taking the concepts in one part of your life and moving it into another.  For example, if you are good at relating, negotiating, creating, finding things in your business life but find things unbalanced in your personal life, you can take the skills in the business to improve your personal.

By relating to your personal friends more, you can find their true strengths to negotiate better outcomes in your circle or within your home.  The key is knowing what you want your outcome to be.  If you have no clue, feel things are foggy and need clarity, then meditation, a talk with God is a good start.  Then to put the work in, start with brainstorming and note taking to affirm what you believe and make strides to get things moving in a positive direction.

Accept and allow.  You must accept this is a new change and allow time and patience to work through you to internalize a new process to rebuild you.  It is a process and you will be successful with consistent effort that must be applied daily to make the incremental changes needed for a long lasting result.

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