Recharging You

Spending time alone and embracing all around you is time wisely spent.  No gadgets, no distractions, phone calls or things to interrupt the stillness within.  It is here you find inner peace and a truth that is hidden from you with the many distractions of the world.

By tapping in, focusing on deep breaths and just experiencing what is, is a beautiful experience. It allows you to not just connect but embrace an energy from within and recharge for the next moments. For some this time may be a few minutes in a day for others it may be hours.  The timing is all cyclical and based on your lifestyle and ultimately what you want from this.   For many, it will be to just quiet the mind and have time away from the disruptions.  For others such as spiritual leaders, much of their day may be spent here to find the answers that they seek.

Coupling this with energy, you can create a beautiful vibe in your living space and the environment around you.  The best energy to use are the earth’s natural resources, bask in the sun, have rain fall on you, feel the wind, walk barefoot in the land are all ways to just CONNECT.  When you connect, you gain a control from within.  By controlling things within, you find the answers you seek.  For in the end, this is the only thing you truly have control of, what is within.

So just for fun…lol.  Don’t act like this with idea of being alone.  Embrace it!

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