Recommended Ways to Trust In A New Process

Trusting In A New Process
Make Your Moments of Reflection be Great Ones.

Trusting In A New Process

Trusting in a new process is never easy and can be very uncomfortable.  However, if you are used to doing something the same way and wanting better, then it is time to learn another method and trust in that.

How To Begin The Change

1.  Ask.
The simplest is to ask people.  If the ones you know are not giving the clarity needed, then seek elsewhere. One way is to attend Networking Events. Other ways would be here on the Internet.   Do an internet search to find people in your industry or in the department of what you need knowledge on.

2. Learn.
Find something that gels with your current working system.  Remember one change at a time to make it a part of you.  An Internalized process.  
3.  Do.  
Start putting it into action.  Do daily or more than if needed.  The thing is consistency.  Make sure you demonstrate consistent effort.
The process that makes you the most uncomfortable is a good place to start.  Aim for what will make you go to greatness and not just good.  Propel yourself to work in your maximum potential to really receive a different result.  
Internally, just Trust and believe that the outcome will be different.  The steps one and two should give you confidence in that.  So when doing, it’s a plan of action on your part to see you through.  
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