Reflecting on Life and its offerings is a peaceful way to find your true inner being.  Many times as we begin this “down time”  we wrestle with many thoughts, to-do’s and sometimes find ourselves worrying.    When in fact, as bad as our troubles are to us, or to yourself.  To someone else their trouble to them is equally if not greater in their mind to them.

Its like a baby, you know.  Their first step, seems soooooo difficult.  But when he/she overcomes that fear.  They get stronger and stronger until they begin to walk.    Problems and challenges that arise in our lives is much the same.  The first time it hits, you say to yourself, OMG, when is enough enough?!?!

Then, you may rant or talk with someone and they “never” seem to understand.   If they do, you may get the potstirrer to encourage the worry even more.   So before you know it, your body has elevated, your are anxious, things are locked into you now and this mear problem/challenge has now become a belief.  One that is manifesting with every thought you put to it.


It is crazy, but somehow we all do this.  Our minds have been trained by society to continue in a pattern that has been dictated to us.  Limit our freedom.  But what you must realize is that you must reflect.  Reflect on your actions, your word and more importantly your thought.   Your thoughts have so much energy, that once created, it brings forth what you feed it with.

Same with the thoughts of whom you share this with.  If they are negative, unbalanced or unready for what are about to share then chances are you have given birth pre-term to a concept, idea or challenge that is not ready for the cruel environments of the world and your friends/family’s thoughts that DO have energy.

So reflect on what crosses your mind throughout the day.  Are they fear or faith based?

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