Reigniting your passion

I think everyone comes into a phase in a project, business, relationship or life where the passion has just gone.  Your not exactly sure where it went, if its lost for good or where you should go from there. Then the fog and cloud of doubt comes into your head about the next steps forward and are there any steps in the current place to reignite.

As I’m going through some changes of my own, looking into the hard work, thinking and dedication I have put into something, I have found myself at a crossroads.  The questions that have been found to help move or transition me is the one with What.  What has caused me to lose my passion or fuel for this?

Many of times, when you start the Q&A, this is where you get to the grassroots of the problem and what seems to be lost, is not really lost at all.  Energetically, blocks that have been created within you create a stagnancy that may seem like a loss of drive and in essence loss of desire, motivation and passion.  Looking at the analytics, knowing yourself and finding what your negatives and positives are will be key to unlocking the mystery.

As I did this, I’ve found that my passion was not really gone,  I still have the love and desire.  However, there were blocks, things that may not be my strengths manifesting into greater things in my life deterring me from the true passion and loves in my life.

So, the tasks at hand that I may cringe at this point for a varied reasons are the things that must be done and facing the fears of picking up pieces and mulling through the “I don’t likes”  will be a part of the process.  Then prevention in the future.   Obstacles and challenges will always be there, but to keep the ores in the boat moving is a process that must be mastered through a strong system.

As a conceptual learner, you can take one aspect of your life that you have tremendous strength in. There you will find organization, structure, passion and that the system runs as smoothly as you breathing, with minimal effort.  Take this same concepts that you have used in your strength and find the right people or system to be used in something that you are weak in.  Focus on your strengths and minimize the time spent on your weaker areas.   If anything find the right person to fit in your life for that area(s) and you will see things move with more fluidity.

You can’t escape from the not so good feeling tasks in any part of your life, it is a part of pain and growing.  But your outlook and how you manifest and grow upward from will be the key to your success.  Don’t just walk way, that won’t solve the problem.  Just know you you have the choice not to suffer.   So chuck what’s bothering you metaphorically and focus on the key positive parts in your life.  Meditate on it and energetically you will see things transition.  You WILL find that passion.  

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