Resting Your Brain – The Healthy Way to Relax

Now if you overthink, then this one is for you.  This is a piece of advice that was given to me sometime ago and it has sat with me.    This is “Rest your Brain”.   

This advice means just that.  Rest.  To not think. Give the brain, the muscle a time to rejuvenate, strengthen and actually get the rest needed to function to its best ability.  By not shutting down, you inadvertly do the body more harm than good.   With the need and pressures of life that says to “keep moving.”  We actually can forget to stop, take that time out and give our minds the needed healing time to be at its best.   
So take time out and rest your brain.  Free yourself from thoughts, let go of any energies and just be.  It is okay to do this and do this daily.   Avoid keeping up with the Jones and find ways to escape the stresses of the world by giving yourself what is most needed – a peace of mind.  
Trust and believe, I have given up alot to have just that.  It may not be easy for the mind will try and challenge you since its on uncertain grounds, but this is a must.  Make it lose its control and free yourself of the slavery.
Resting it may be tuning out, a hot bath, sauna, watching a show, listening to music, playing a game, meditating or just sleep.  These are simple ways to take your mind off duty or onto light.  Try it and feel the difference.  I am certain you will appreciate it and so will your body.  😉

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