Self Mastery for Empaths


Self Mastery For Empaths

Self Mastery for Empaths

One of the fundamentals to being an empath is learning self mastery of your own energy.  To do this, you must know what is truly yours.  This means, your thoughts, feelings, ideas, pains that you are experiencing.  

This is your baseline.  Once you can gauge this, you can assess what is not yours.  What can be challenging with this includes social pressures.  Meaning, you may feel you “have to” be a certain way.  

How this impacts you as an individual is not accepting yourself.  Accepting your flaws.  Your anger.  Your way of dealing with things. With lack of acceptance, you push away “negatives” and blame others for your discomfort.  A discomfort that may be from lack of acceptance of oneself.

The only real way about that is to accept and give yourself love.  Love all your imperfections and accept that you are this way.  If there are traits you want to work on, fine.  Let’s do that, but accept where you are today.  

 Know your energy
Accept yourself
Give Self-Love


The Steps Needed…..

Learn and unprogram the thoughts of always picking up on someone else’s energy.  By knowing the baseline of your feelings, it’s easier to assess when a feeling is not yours.  As you feel this, follow the feeling and know you and what is inside of you that causes you to absorb this. 

For something to come in, one must have to accept or receive in. For when we are truly compassionate, praise and honor ourselves, our I AM, we cannot absorb what does not serve us.

Keshia Martin

Know to go deeper.  Remove all that does not serve you and accept what is within.   First prime feeling always holds the keys to self-mastery Beauty of the soul is absorbed with awareness through our empathy.  Time to start living and stop absorbing.

Don’t be attached to anything and how it comes to you, but call the essence to come out.  Don’t judge experience. Don’t resist it.  Don’t control.  Just feel.

Feel for the higher heart and inner heart to come together.  Breathe in through the heart, through the crown.  Breathe in through heart down to root, then out to ground earth.  Learn how I feel when centered.

Ask how does my soul feel when:

  1. abundance
  2. love
  3. fun
  4. wealth
  5. prosperous
  6. productive
  7. clarity
  8. compassion
  9. humble
  10. lead

See the answers are truly all within us.  It just takes time to unlearn and remove the veil to find the things that ignite us and 


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