Self Motivation & Working with Others

building steps to success

When he or she wants something badly enough, he or she will find a way to get it.  The underlining force for self motivation.  I’ve always been the idea kid and one full of questions, so much that my parents bought me a tell me why book (which I am still looking for..).  With this, I  remember my father always telling me that necessity is the motherhood of all inventions.

Necessity is the motherhood of all inventions.   

So what you need, just as a mother, you will create to provide for.  Empowering.  Empowering on so many levels, for when there are clouds of confusion and fogs that distract you from what you want or your goals in life, going back to the grassroots of why you started is fundamental.   The need.  Having a need, creates a necessity that drives you to create and do more.  In essence, fueling your self-motivation.

But how long does this last?  For some this can be the whole haul, but for some the gas can run out.  To motivate yourself, is a daily and continual task that must be done consistently.  You must plug in to the necessary outlets to increase your knowledge base in the needed areas and to complete the necessary tasks to achieve your goals.

Depending on your personality, what motivates you will be different.  There are various personality tests that based on your responses, give quite an accurate description of who you are and how you respond or handle certain situations.  I remember the Myers Briggs personality test some time ago and every time I have tested the same (ENTJ).   It was the first of many and surprisingly all of them are quite accurate.  I bring this up to say, they are great tools to assess who you are at a birds eye view and also if working with a team, how you are perceived.

This wraps in with self motivation, for if there are so varying personalities and each are motivated differently, wouldn’t it make sense to know and understand who you are working with?  Especially yourself!  If you know and understand the signs and working with people whether as a team or for vending companies, contracts, teachers, students this would be an asset in your skill set.

So, as building steps to success:

  1. Find what we need.  
  2. Look at who we are on the inside. 
  3. Understand your personality 
  4. Utilize this as a tool with your endeavors

Lets face it, working with people on any level can have its degree in challenges and can be the road to success or the block in force with moving forward.  Let communication lines not be the block for you to have the success you desire.  This is an asset in leadership, to know and understand your people including yourself.  It is key with understanding you on a deeper level and accepting what is.

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