Should You Forgive and Forget?

Forgiveness is a part of the healing process that you do for yourself, which we all know, but how about the actions that should take place with someone after?

Forgiving and forgetting is beautiful for you get a fresh start, you cleanse yourself from the inside out and can be renewed.  In many cases, the person has effectively looked at both sides and can admit where wrong and move forward through the process.  This process may involve forgiveness of the other person(s) involved, circumstances and themselves.

The challenge with forgetting is, if the other person has in that same time frame, gone through the forgiveness process themselves?  This is very important.

See, how we each forgive and process an experience is different and is based on so many different levels that when you go through the forgiveness process, you must be aware of the energy around you on this situation and person.

Allow yourself the flexibility to process and acknowledge that the other party may still be hurt or angry.  If they are, then forgive them (if your heart is willing) and move forward.  When you do this, you free yourself from the pain and negative signals that something was not aligned with your inner spirit.

However, many have this feeling that once they have forgiven all should be good and move back into the situation or person feeling they can give the answers or continually be nice in the same manner after this damage.

The challenge, is the other person(s) and as a result, you can make the mistake to walk back into the situation and they interpret your kindness for weakness and you are doormat in their eyes.

Forgiveness is a process and it involves all who are included when determining relationships and how people fit into your lives.  Ideally, it should be forgotten, but in this life, you were not meant to be walked upon or abused in the process for the idea of being “good” or the “better person”.

No, you were meant to strong, courageous and in alignment with a higher source of love energy.  This also includes respect, standing your ground and at times giving tough love for the other person to understand your value, worth or position.

So there are times that space, patience and time is needed to heal the relationship.  In other cases, it was a lesson that was here to teach you.

Learn its natural to forgive and forget, but at times you will need to recall.  Meaning, learn the energy and sensing what is right at that time.  See, just like you, the other person(s) has to grow and learn to and we are all at different speeds.

The choice of allowing a person back in should be on based on this frequency you pick up.  The key is staying true to yourself, standing your ground without being stubborn and allowing healing to work through all.


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