Should You Stick it Out or Give Up – The fine line

Jump Ship or Set Sail ?!  Decisions, Decisions, Decision.  I think for every avenue in life there comes a point where we reach a fork in the road where we have to make this choice.  In my life I think I can relate to this most in business and relationships.

For instance, I know that I go through so many challenges with business as an Entrepreneur,  I have my time where I am ready to give up and throw away my business and the model.  But I know in my heart of hearts, I know that is not what I am going to do.  But the choices to be made to stick it out, can be very hard and leaving one very uncomfortable.


How I make the choice to stick it out, is as follows:

  • Is there a need?  
  • Can my challenges be overcome?  
  • Have I been disciplined and consistent?
  • Is my vision in alignment with my goals?
  • Did I research well enough for product, demographics, competition and/or
  • Do I need help?
As I answer yes to any of these I then take time to reflect, brainstorm, meditate and create options that will best assist me with sticking through to the next goal.  For through challenges, not at the challenge, comes success.  If the answer is no to much AND the desire lost, then it is time to move on. 
Give up…no, just kidding.   The only thing I can say is listen to your gut instinct.  Often times there are signs that show in someones action that reflect their true intentions.  With that being said you must ask yourself certain questions on what you want out of the relationship.   More importantly, are you receiving this?  
Start with identifying the positives and negatives.  The positives must outway the negatives for you to make the decision to stay, communicate and work things out.   If the negatives are too much for you to bear, it is best to part ways.  
Be certain that you are not staying for the wrong reasons.  By looking at how this person is not fulfilling your needs, then you can make the right choice and feel secure in your decision with walking away.  
Ask yourself this, some questions I ask myself:
  • Is this person meeting me half way?
  • Am I giving this person what they need? How does my role affect their actions towards me?
  • Is there validity in what they say? Or did their action contribute?
  • Am I receiving what would complete my level of happiness?
  • Can we communicate?
  • Are we complimenting each other?  Does He meet my desires for a relationship?
These are valid questions to ask to make that decision to stay or go in a relationship and should be handled with care and empathy.  Be careful not to over empathize and make a choice on sympathy where you make a choice out of sorrow for one.   Be true to you and the decision of sticking it out or leaving gives you freedom to move freely with your choice.  Resulting in a peaceful state of mind and overall contentment.
That is your inner signal that you, my friend have made the right choice!  🙂

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