How Silence of the Mind during Emotional Upset Can Benefit You

To embrace Silence and feel the now, one allows peace of the mind.   Understand that control of the mouth and of the mind brings peace.  By controlling the words you speak, you limits negative energy to be expelled into the universe and allows peace to continue its flow through you.  This connection with life and the universal soul, brings more positive energy within us and through our energetic field.

Silence is a place where we find the answers we seek, and the oneness as designed by the divinity.  Peace through meditation during times of anger or hurt is a healing process for the soul as well as the body and mind.  It allows release of emotional tension. As we release this energy, it gives a connection through a higher source allowing God to work through your life. It is here the answers are received and clarity is given as you connect with your spirit to gain guidance and wisdom. 


Here are Some Steps:

  1. Allow yourself to shut things off, phones, computers, tv and be one with yourself.   
  2. Do not take a level of action during these negative energies, but go within to gain insight and shift that energy. 
  3. Pray. Meditate. Listen.
  4. Take this moment to find where, your disconnect began to get to this level of negative emotions.
  5. Write, if you need, to get thoughts out and reflect for answers for a better guided outcome and courses of action.  
  6. Release this and move forward. 

By doing this, you begin to train the body and spirit to work as it was designed.  Practice doing this daily until it becomes you.  You will notice within 30-40 days a change in your stance and how things are handled.  You will also see shifts in your life, if you continue this as a practice, for the better.  

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