Single, single, single…..
Webster’s Definition: : not having or including another : only one
: not married or not having a serious romantic relationship with someone.
Biblical or Spiritual Meaning: To be one with one’s self. Learning to know you and be one with yourself, knowing your inner self, your true soul.   See your soul knows what is best for you. 
She knows, what makes your heart smile, what is the appeal to your hips and love to your life.   Are we speaking of sexually, none at, at least not now. 🙂  But, the gentleness and sephora of your own inner guide it’s a beautiful relish to manifest your reality. 
Your stresses, in your current world are reflections of your very own thought pattern. Breathing in and out, slowly and deeply gives the body the like force needed to achieve an openness to receive a greater good that is meant to benefit your life.  A life indeed meant for you. 
It is not until you are one with yourself, truly single, can you be one with someone else.  If not, what happens is an influx, a repetition in patterns of finding parts of yourself, or the missing parts being sought.   Thus leaving a a finding of yet another destructive relationship. The strong foundation, like needed to build a house, edition yourself had not been built.  As a result, a crumbling begins to in most times a fall.
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