Slowing Down

Sometimes I wonder if we are speeding time up.  If energetically we are transferring our impatience and need for now, moving to tomorrow right into this earth.   As I slow down on this road to recovery, I sit back and watch a fast moving world.  I take in more and take on less.

People want things now, but don’t take time to appreciate the simplicity of NOW.  We are not granted tomorrow and we cannot go back to yesterday or even a minute ago. But yet, so many of us move in a belief pattern of connectivity of the now and live a life that is far from it.    People drive fast, talk fast, want orders on demand, with little or no concern for the other side, how it works or how to get it.   The questions asked are less and far between, but yet wonder why we live in the experiences manifested in our lives.   All failing to realize that we control more from within than we give power to. 
This power from within requires one thing, to release control of the mind and allow God to work through you, through your heart and from there to connect to your thoughts.  Its only then, can we surrender and cultivate the true essence of being.   This trueness will give what the heart calls for: peace, love, hope, tranquility, trust, light.  This trueness will eliminate the negatives and evolve you to a greater understanding and oneness within you while connecting you to people in the same light.   
Reprogramming whatever you or I learned in the X number of years you have lived on this earth is no easy task, but is needed to find the true essence of God’s plan, your plan from within.  
It goes back to the basics, fear nothing, trust God and you will be you.  This is the only true way to be free.  FREE – A word that we all know but is a rare experience.  
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