Sometimes Life feels like Chinese Jump Rope

Do you ever feel like that?   Jump in, on it, side to side, jump in it, on it, out it?   lol.  I remember a conversation I had with someone some time ago and I think I gave him the best laugh, cause that was my explanation for life at that time.  Man, I think this is the game that is being played right here, many a folks right now!   If you can relate click like.  With swerve balls, new jump ups, ideas, some hit and runs, some losses, you just never know what the outcome will be.  In fact, no one does.  The true reality of life.  A realness.

We have the past where time can go to infinity and we have the future, where time does the same.  In our minds things can be rehearsed in so many different ways, but the present is the one that can never change.  The present is one we can never change and to embrace it can be so far for some folks, including me.   Its easy whether you are career minded or family, the life you lead to juggle becomes just that when you are making moves.


How to keep up? Trying not to drop any balls is a life that some live and in some cases a very hectic way.  With stillness, I have found myself in a way of observation, reflection.  For some that know me very well, will say this was well overdue needed.  Just sad, it took a traumatic experience for me to arrive to this level of stillness and awareness.

So my answer, is to jump out of the rope!  lol and enjoy and embrace life.   Don’t wait for madness to hit you. Go out and smell the flowers, feel the rain, embrace the wind and enjoy the little things of life.

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