Spiritual Understanding

So you are growing spiritually, learning new ideas and accepting a varied way of thought.  With this comes a breaking of the mold on how society, government and religion has taught and in some cases culture.

This my friend, is a starting point of understanding.  The stage after acceptance of trials, experiences and waivers that you are a spiritual being that is in fact living a human experience.

The challenge is that each of our experiences are unique to us and can leave one feeling like a fish out of water when the journey has just begun.  Trusting the mind and all around you is the comfort zone and has led you this far in life.  However, things have happened and readings have taught you that there is much more to it than what meets the eye.

My answer to you is to accept and understand what is.  What is in front of you.  What you are experiencing.  What you are hearing.  What you are touching and What you will believe.

Trust, my friend that things will be well.  Believe my friend that all will be well.  For it is these two energies that will take you through the obstacles.  It is these two things that will bring greater things into your life.  So manifest greatness as you learn and grow to understand.

Understand that all is not spiritual, but that you have a life and a physical experience to that needs practical applications to maneuver through the learning curve.  Understand that you will have to let go of thought patterns that do not serve you.  Understand that you will have to identify habitual routines in your life that have debilitated you from a successful growth.  Understand that you will have new patterns and methods brought to you through your awareness and acceptance of the new.

Ask for guidance from a place of love and peace.  Be certain in this and hold on to the positive energy.  For this is the right place to be.  Anything of anger, hate, greed or forms of negativity are signals that you are not in the right place and can be changed with just your thoughts, change of breath and strengthened with disciplined action.

Acceptance of this, will bring you greater understanding as you move through your path to spiritual enlightenment and understanding.

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