Spirituality and Religion

Spirituality, Religion.  Spirituality, Religion.  Sounds the same, they are different.  They are the same, but sound different.  The idioms and ideals that we go through with societal norms.  The battle of the mind. The battle from within.

As one seeks the truth, this conversation plays in one’s head to find the quest and seek the truth.  But how can all be when there is a guiding light that has been split among-st divisions and men.  The irony, the devastation.

The truth is to follow your heart with love and light.  Find the good, find the peace and find the answers that encompass a better you.  One that feels good.  Without Drugs.  Without Alcohol.  Without an additive or form of addiction to get you there.  Finding and being you.

In this world of data, technology and fast-paced thinking we are at a helm of missing deep conversations and stimulation from a place that connects you from within.  All moves quickly and transitioning the mind from working fluidly and in sync with the heart.  Allowing the mind to move in a default pattern of awareness and crossing into territories like an unsaid nomad.

What does this mean?

We no longer think. We just do.  All is no longer relative, we are drones to a system.  On a quest to make a difference between two words designed by us. Designed by man.  What is this thing that we all search for?  To be right?  Is this to fulfill the ego?  Make one more important or just right with their opinions on facts that they can no more prove than knowing what happened in my kitchen last night.

The truth is to delve within and understand your own unlimited power with peace, love and light.  Connecting to a place once forgotten, but yet so close.  As a newborn enters this world they are connected to this place.  Through the softness of a scalp. As one grows, they are taught the conformity and lessons of fear with “knowledge” of truth that is apparent as false and deniable.  Thus resulting in the separation of mankind and species of this earth. The hardness of our heads.

The answer, find truth and believe what you see, feel and experience.  Break past the “can’t”. Know the possible.  Learn your inner you, intuition, gut and senses that speak to you so clearly.  Validate your experiences by documenting and reading, studying how to be a better you.  To unlearn the processes taught and learn the most important thing that was not taught.  You with a mind, body and spirit.

Read the scripts, for there is nothing new on this planet.  Study and understand as you have read this text and just be.  One.  A whole.  Inner connection.  For in the end, there is no spirituality or Religion.  Or to what does it matter? When it is Just you and Inner Connections. An energy source that transfers energy and moving through space and time as one seeks.

Religion has taught us structures and boundaries for how one should believe, live, think.  Giving parables of instructions to connect and guide, but missing knowledge and fulfillment to develop from within.

Spirituality, teachings and philosophies that move you from within.  Being spirit guided and separating the parts of mind body and spirit.  Teaching how we are as spirit beings to live a humanistic life.

Pulling things together is inner connection.  Remove the defines and identify, know the energy from within. See for when you REALLY look at it, even in the growth, somehow somewhere there was an acceptance of separation.  Spirituality and Religion.  Remove the doubt and it will be more clear how the connections are made through and through.

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