Staying Motivated Through Adversity

I write this at a point where I am tired, in pain and fatigued. I was recently hit in an accident and it has only reactivated pain and is making it difficult for me to to do what needs to get done. Making the commitment to write here and be consistent through my obstacles, I am doing what I write and making my practices active.

Life will hit you. I know for a fact. What really makes things, changes and creates a new result is truly your perspective and mental attitude to your situation. Right now, I reflect and know that with the many chances I have had, that there is a blessing that I am still here. It also reminds me that my purpose is really great.

The difference is what I choose to DO. My actions, my decisions and choices. I can complain. For many, it will fall on deaf ears and the others will not care. The next are with people that do not share your vision, your Passion or Love, so the understanding is just not there. So the choices become that more real.

I had to release anger, hurt and make a choice not to be dismayed. I had to make the choice to still smile and find peace through these times. I had to come to terms by going and still go into meditation to really release and move forward in an optimistic manner.  I had to know when to rest and be still, that it is okay for with Faith, Trust and God that things will work itself through.

As I believe, so it is.  So my dear friend, if you are going through some things and feel like giving up. Don’t.  For what reason?  Because its hard?  No, thats not good enough.  Go in, take a break, release and keep it moving.  Stay strong, smile for real and know that without a shadow of a doubt that you can and will make it through.

See the lesson, learn from it and make things happen in an exponential value.  You got one shot, this life and love throughout the course.  I hope this finds you well and God bless.  Stay Positive.

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