Stomachs full but still starving

Be as hungry for wisdom as you are for food. Right now we are in a society where many are hungry even when their physical bodies are full.  Stomachs are full with food, but yet still starved.  Starved for knowledge, wisdom and truth.

A message that comes to me as I think this is how a division exists within humanity.  What we fail to realize is that we should love all.  God is within us, so when we hate someone, we hate God.  To do harm to someone is to do harm to God and also to yourself.

We must seek the wisdom from within.  Our inner guide is here to stear us in the right direction, but how often do we actually listen?  How tuned in we are determines how frequent or loud the message is.   The more tuned in we are, the more ways we can receive the message.  A message unique to you.

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