Superbowl 50 and Spiritual Symbolisms

After the hype, I really had  taken a look at what was truly in the half time and what I witnessed was a power of minds coming together creatively to bring a message across to the world.  One so beautiful and inspiring all in one.  Very Much unlike the negative and demonic expressions people are sharing across the web.


  • The purpose of the number 50 is to promote fusion between body and soul, mind and spirit.  It is symbolic in itself on all levels that include Spiritually, Biblically and with Numerology.  Life is a continuing education for the number 50, as this energy seeks to learn their real values relating to their ultimate goals and aspirations,  and learning to obey their inner feelings to ‘know thyself’.  
  • It is a number of Illumination and Spiritual Ascension and Intuition.
  • Biblically it appears in the bible for a number of reasons but one significant would be the Fifty points to deliverance and restoration following seven cycles of seven years.
Now these points are to draw on the importance of the act in its entirety and its significance on the super bowl it was selected for.  
Now with current events and evolution of time with mankind a level of division and separation has taken place where hatred, violence, discrimination and division has broken apart humanity globally and within nations.  It is time for the healing to begin and for the hatred to stop.  
With the starting Act, we have ColdPlay, the intro with “When I ruled the world”.  Yes, a white man, symbolic in itself with how many nations have been ruled under levels of corruption.  The stage he sang upon as the lyrics were sung as one in the shape of a cross that reflected clear signals of Awakening and Consciousness.  
The spiral has been a part of history for years, Fibonacci.   The spiral can represent changing focus from ego to being enlightened. It represents going inward and learning the spirit within us.  Just as Jesus and other teachers have come to teach the way to peace and eternity.
The sacred geometry of their clothes and their meaning was just a start to show there should be a break in the negative impacts that humanity has engulfed.  Discriminating against races, genders, and sexual preference.  The rainbow to many eyes would represent the freedom to be a homosexual.  But from a conscious insight, the inner eyes would view these colors as equal to our energy centers known as Chakra’s.  What Eastern culture does on their inward journey to balance our Mind, Body, and Spirit. 
From Cold Play, we went to Bruno Mars, bringing fun, funk and a blend between the next world that stood up for a fight that has gone on for too long in a supposed United Country.  
From the song selection, the lyrics, the wardrobe, dancers, and dance – her message was clear. 
  • The song:  Formation.  She speaking out about her stance, her cause and against the hatred.  She is unifying black women.  Giving them their power, reinforcing their strength, encouraging and reclaiming their heritage in a positive inward light.
  • The wardrobe:  Her stance and support of the public for what group stood up for equality.  In this country, violence against blacks, including slavery and the mental, emotional and physical abuse that has been passed down through generation with the loss of healing and increased abuse of power.  All have broken mankind away from their spiritual selves, robbing them from their birthrights and messages from our ancestors.  
  • The images of past performers, no longer with us.  Another symbolism for the ones that have messaged before to know that through the death, the message is still transpired through life now. Such as with our ancestors or as the Native Americans and Shamans that would rely on inward transformation to receive wisdom and knowledge for life answer to peace, love and harmony.
Ultimately, the message was positive and light with subliminal to bring consciousness to light.  There is so much darkness in the world right now where people are lost and need answers.  Disconnected from spirit, they hunger for fulfillment to just be happy.  The unity of these performers is their contribution to humanity to bring awareness to something much bigger than all of us.
Messages supporting separation and fear are ones that should be scrutinized and have the discernment to what flows with your soul and harmonizes with peace.  

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