Feel the Light

I thought this was so beautiful.  It captivated me.  The simplicity into complexity with a magnitude of creativity.  Absolutely wonderful. Never understimate the power of creativity and imagination.  Here a simple dress that was absolutely stunning on Jennifer Lopez, was just magnificent.  Creating such beauty, lights and wonder that was in synchronicity with a beautiful …

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[full_width] Clear Concise Mental Picture.  In life, whatever you are focused on, you must have a CCMP on what you desire.  For once you have a clear picture of what it is that you want, the road map and steps to get there become evident. Start with writing your ideas down and getting things on …

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Lessons Learned

Interesting day.  Interesting conversations.  Interesting life.  When you resign yourself to what cannot be and accept what is, you open yourself to something profound.  One that is elemental to your success.  If you are open, you will receive this message well.  If you are not, its okay, we are all here with different gifts, levels …

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