Brain Fogginess, Moods, Fatigue – What are the real reasons?

Brain fogginess, moods, fatigue are just some of the symptoms you may be experiencing with the current shifts in energies.  If you have been going through the ascension process and have accepted your growth spiritually, then most likely you are feeling the ups and downs and most likely driving you crazy. Especially now with all …

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Feel the Light

I thought this was so beautiful.  It captivated me.  The simplicity into complexity with a magnitude of creativity.  Absolutely wonderful. Never understimate the power of creativity and imagination.  Here a simple dress that was absolutely stunning on Jennifer Lopez, was just magnificent.  Creating such beauty, lights and wonder that was in synchronicity with a beautiful …

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Let It Go

I was inspired by a song.  Natural born Jamaican, I love the music and embrace my culture.  See music has a way of reaching you in a way that some thoughts and conversations can’t.   This one was called Let It Go. As much as we go through things, it is easy to hold on …

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Keep Going

No matter what your goal is, you will always have obstacles.  The key thing is controlling your mindset as you go through things.  I have had my own set of challenges and have made the decision to keep a positive mindset as I go through and overcome. To mix things up a bit, I will …

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